Not everyone is looking for the same online dating experience that is provided by dating platforms like Bumble or Tinder

Not everyone is looking for the same online dating experience that is provided by dating platforms like Bumble or Tinder

Some people prefer a bit of prestige and are not willing to settle for less. Inner Circle is the ultimate dating app for them. It does not fit the two labels that most dating sites cater to.

I found InnerCircle to resemble a 5-star restaurant as getting a chance to use the dating app is not easy. People for quite some time to get selected. If you are someone who is drawn to the best of the best, Inner Circle might be just the site for you. It has plenty of moderators that applicants go through to ensure that only qualified applicants make it through. Thus, I found only the most attractive and talented singles.

So, if you are looking for a different kind of experience and think that you meet the strict requirements, you can give it a try. To help you decide, I want to share my experience using Inner Circle with you.

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Design and signing up

The first thing that I noticed when I used InnerCircle is that it has a stylish and attractive dutch chat room design. The interface resembles that of LinkedIn and Facebook as all the buttons are blue and have a blueish tone. There are three interaction buttons on the app including Wink, Message, and Favorite. Under these buttons, Inner Circle shows the location of the user. Then, you can review other information such as their name, distance, age, and the last time they were online.

Inner Circle does not provide matches immediately. To get more recommendations, you will need to like more profiles. Keep in mind that you cannot send a message to users you like after registration if you have a standard account. However, you can still send winks. But, it makes sense to get a subscription. You can even add people to our Favorite list on the app. Since there is a strict system in place for approving profiles, I did not come across any bots or catfish accounts.

I had no trouble signing up on InnerCircle. All you need to do is link your Facebook or LinkedIn profile. You must bear in mind that the profile you link to would show your pictures from there along with your education, job, and other details. Although my profile got approved within a day, others had to wait much longer for approval.

Successful and educated singles

After your account has successfully cleared the screening, you will need to provide all your information to find a match. Inner Circle has been designed for people who are highly successful and educated. As there are only authentic profiles, the competition is high when it comes to charming people. When entering your profile information, you must include your job, degrees earned, education level, and university. You can upload lots of pictures on the app. Every user would be able to access your picture. By providing all your information, you get to ensure that you find the perfect match.

Cost of Inner Circle

Even though Inner Circle can be used for free, there is nothing that you can do with a free account. Hence, you would need to get a membership to message users, find out who has viewed your profile and get tickets for events. Besides this, as a paid user, you also get to see who has sent you a wink.


The Inner Circle might seem perfect on the surface. However, its account approval procedure can be brutal and you have no option but to connect to your social media account. Besides this, your account would be useless unless you pay for a subscription. But, the quality of singles is impressive and you do not need to deal with any scammers. Moreover, paid users get to use a ton of features. InnerCircle is designed for younger singles who have established themselves. Thus, it is not based on a personality like other dating sites.

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